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Projection System - The Wedding DJ Company

Projector System Setup:


Projector & Screen setup: $150.00

Projector only: $100.00


Want to present a slideshow or speical video for your event? We can help!


We'll setup a super-bright 1080p HD projector and 8ft portable screen that can be viewed from hundreds of feet away. We'll supply a multimedia player that can play video/audio files of any major format. Also, if your video presentation includes sound, we'll be able to play all audio through our exisiting DJ speakers for everyone to easily hear - no extra speakers required! 

The                   Karaoke package:

add $125.00

This isn't your Grandma's typical karaoke...

...unless your Grandma is T-Pain.


Singtrix karaoke is a revolutionary new way to sing your favorite songs and keep in-tune while doing so! With custom levels of Auto-Tuning and multiple on-the-fly voice effects, your voice can sound amazing with little-to-no effort!


In this package, we'll supply 4 wireless microphones, a singing monitor, a Singtrix machine, and songbooks that contain thousands of  karaoke tracks for you and your guests to choose from.


The addition of our Projector Setup is highly recommended for everyone at the event to see the song lyrics on a giant screen!


Karaoke Fun - The Wedding DJ Company
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