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A Message From The Owner

Chris Frankovich - The Wedding DJ Company


My name is Chris Frankovich and I'm the owner and founder of The Wedding DJ Company here in beautiful Chico, California. My formal training is in multimedia production & broadcasting – and I absolutely love it! I’m married to my amazing wife, Naomi and we're blessed with two beautiful children, Ethan and Adella.

When I got down on one knee and proposed to Naomi on Christmas day in 2004, we didn’t have a ton of money for a large-scale wedding; however, I wasn’t going let that stop us from having the wedding she had always dreamed of (oh, and she said ‘Yes’, by the way)! I was determined to find great wedding specialists at equally great prices to make our wedding day dreams come true. However, we soon found that good-quality services were not cheap and cheap services were simply not good-quality.

Thankfully, we did end up finding a great venue, photographer, and caterer; but, finding a good wedding DJ/MC at an affordable price was a whole other story…

We sought after a DJ service that was professional, reputable, fair-priced, and that actually specialized in weddings to make sure we were getting someone that would be a true Master of Ceremonies for our one, very special day. The only problem was – such a service didn’t exist.

We found that most true professional DJ services charged over-priced rates by-the-hour with hourly minimums/maximums and ridiculous overtime fees. Other DJs claimed to be “professionals” when they were not – the equipment seemed professional, but the DJs looked and sounded fresh out of high school and truly didn’t have much experience. Some claimed to be “wedding specialists” yet, only performed about ten to fifteen weddings a year.  And, to top it all off, we found that a vast majority of these DJs were not married and had never had a wedding of their own. How could they truly relate to a bride and groom’s point-of-view if they’ve never had a wedding of their own?

That’s when I knew, ‘I could do this so much better - the way it should be done.’

With nothing but dedication, focus and every cent to my name, I put my production and broadcasting talents to work. Now, over 7 years later, with an unbelievable amount of passion, professionalism, coordination knowledge, and life experience, I stand as the proud leader of a unique DJ company that performs over 150 weddings a year for brides and grooms looking for the exact qualities in a DJ service I sought after so many years ago, but could never find.

It brings me so much joy to be able to play such a large role in placing that smile of pure happiness on our brides' and grooms' faces - from the time of their event booking, all the way to the words behind them reading, ‘Just Married!'

Thank you all, so much!


Senior DJ & Music Coordinator

The Wedding DJ Company

Chico, California

Chris Frankovich​

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