Every DJ with our company is not just passionate about music, we're passionate about making your event shine.  To make this happen, it takes more than just good music and state-of-art equipment - it takes state-of-the-art care & personality, especially.


We've assmebled an amazing team of individuals who reach beyond the standards of what most people expect of a typcial 'DJ' to provide additional precision coordination & care in all aspects of your event - becoming your actual Event Host, most of all.

Jackson Moore

Senior DJ & Music Coordinator


Born with the gift of a golden voice and high musical intellect, Jackson was destined to be a performer - both on the mic and on the turntables. With a love to keep the party going on the dance floor and vast knowledge of both mainstream and underground music of all types,  Jackson is an excellent DJ & MC who will stop at nothing to keep your event on track and the dance floor on fire!

Photo by TreCreative

Photo by Tony G.

Chris Jensen

Senior DJ & Music Coordinator


With a strong passion for music & the performing arts embedded in his soul, Chris has been showcasing his excellent musical & hosting abilities on-stage & on-camera for many years. He is also a master music programmer behind the scenes, coming-up with mixes that no one else thinks of until he does it first. When Chris is the DJ at the helm of an event, all in attendance are in for an awesome  celebration!



Chris Frankovich

Senior DJ & Music Coordinator


With both a formal & professional background in audio/video production & multimedia broadcasting, Chris's passion has always been centered around the music & entertainment industry. Combining class & professionalism with outgoing energy & enthusiasm, Chris's number one goal is to ensure that your event is nothing short of a smash-hit success - always!


Photo by EMK Photography

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