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How to Book
With our refundable deposit policy & unparalleled event planning forms, we keep everything simple.

- Step 2 (Let's Plan!) -

If we're available for your event date and/or you've already booked, you can begin the exciting planning process by downloading and/or printing our unprecedented

Music Planner forms below:

Just Married - The Wedding DJ Company
Dancing Fun - The Wedding DJ Company
Planning Forms

- Step 1 (Inquire) -

You can also give us a call anytime at                                    .

​(530) 636-0305

We'll be sure to let you know our availability ASAP!

Click  HERE  to submit a quick booking inquiry.

WARNING to plagiarists:

The above forms are an original publication of The Wedding DJ Company, LLC

and protected under U.S. Copyright Law 2010 - 2022



A standard $200.00 deposit retainer is required to secure our services for an event date.

You can make this deposit payment and/or installment payments using the 'Make a Payment' form below.


- Our Deposit Refund Policy -

We believe in a simple, hassle-free booking.

If your event date is at least 120 days (4 months) ahead from the time of booking,

your deposit retainer is

100% refundable for 31 days

after submitted.

Please note:

If/when the event date is within 90 days, deposit payments become non-refundable,

no matter when the deposit is/was submitted.

We accept all standard forms of payment, including Venmo and all major credit cards (no processing fees ever apply).


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